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The board

Anne-Charlotte Aronsson, Chairman of the BoardPh.D. in biochemistry. Business developer and marketer in the field of clinical diagnostics. Nowadays engaged as corporate board member and business coach.
Staffan Eriksson, Board MemberM.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. Director R&D, board member and consultant at AroCell.
Bengt Åstrand, CEO, Board MemberM.Sc.Pharm., Ph.D., Licensed Pharmacist, Associate Professor at Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden. Consultant in his own company PCC Pharma Care Consulting.
Göran Beijer, Board memberManaging experience in Life Science companies like Pharmacia/Pfizer, AstraZeneca och GE. Presently CEO at Dicot AB, Uppsala, Sweden.
Magnus Aronsson, Deputy Board MemberM.Sc. at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. International Product Manager at Roche Diagnostics, Switzerland
Jonas Eriksson, Deputy Board MemberM.Sc. in Business and Economics at Stockholm University, Sweden. In charge of business development at the Swedish branch of Adven – a company that supplies energy solutions.
Emelie Montelius, Deputy Board MemberM.Sc., Licensed Pharmacist, Uppsala University, Sweden. Pharmaceutical Investigator at the Swedish e-Health Agency, Kalmar, Sweden.

Alertix Canine

Assay for early detection, monitoring and screening of tumor diseases in dogs. The assay is available to veterinary clinics and laboratories in Sweden and Scandinavia.
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Alertix Feline

Assay for early detection, monitoring and screening of tumor diseases in cats. The assay is under development.
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Under development

Alertix Equine

Assay for early detection, monitoring and screening of tumor diseases in horses. The assay is under development.
Under development
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About cancer in companion animals

Did you know that our companion animals are afflicted by cancer as often as humans? Dogs and cats share not only our living environment but also our lifestyle. Because of this they are exposed to the same risk factors for cancer. Veterinary care is getting better and better at treating cancer in companion animals. But the crucial factor of success is that the disease is detected in time.

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