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Press release, November 22, 2021




In a new study in collaboration between Alertix and researchers and veterinarians at SLU, Uppsala, a new method has shown to be better at detecting dogs with cancer than the standard method. In total, about 3 out of 4 dogs may have cancer or suspected cancer discovered with the new method.

The new result shows that not only dogs with lymphoma but also dogs with suspected so-called solid tumors such as breast tumors, histiocytic sarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, mastocytoma, squamous cell carcinoma, cell carcinoma, kidney cancer, melanoma and fibrosarcoma can be successfully detected. The method used is the newly developed Alertix TK1 ELISA for dogs. Comparative groups have been healthy blood donating dogs.

The study is submitted for presentation at a scientific conference next year.

- These are very promising results that need to be confirmed in larger studies next year, says Alertix’ Head of Research Staffan Eriksson.

A test with Alertix TK1 ELISA provides more valuable information, which together with other clinical information can help the dog get the right diagnosis and treatment early.

Alertix Veterinary Diagnostics AB was founded in 2017 and offers a commercial application of findings from Swedish biotechnological cutting-edge research. It is about a new powerful method of measuring the occurrence of the enzyme thymidine kinase (TK1) in blood for use in veterinary care. TK1 is a biomarker for cell proliferation. The substance may be detected in the blood even before the patient shows clinical symptoms, which allows the test to be a valuable tool for the early diagnosis of cancer and its precursors. Unlike previously established methods for detecting TK1, Alertix’ method is immunochemical. This means that it can also be used successfully to detect solid tumors.

The company is based at Kalmar Science Park. The analysis and development operations take place at the company's laboratory at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

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Alertix Veterinary Diagnostics was founded in 2017 for the development of analyzes for early detection and follow-up of cancers in dogs, cats and horses. The company's unique in vitro tests are based on specific antibodies reacting with thymidine kinase 1 (TK1), a well-documented biomarker for abnormal cell turnover in progressive cancers.

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